A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A skilled thief has set their sights upon the witch's tower. It certainly has plenty of valuable magical artifacts inside, just waiting to be stolen.

Unfortunately for the thief, the witch is still at home. She curses them, transforming their body into that of a raccoon. If they ever want to return to being human, they must get back to her tower with enough money to repay her for the damages they caused.

You are that thief.

There are 7 endings to find. If you're having trouble finding them, the "hints.txt" document has some tips.

This game was made for the PowerPoint Game Jam, and as a result, it requires Microsoft PowerPoint in order to run.

Install instructions

Just open this with PowerPoint! Preferably the Office365 version, but versions back to Office 2016 should work. (I cannot test this though. Please comment whether or not Office 2016/earlier breaks the transitions, if you use one of those versions.)

PowerPoint Online and Google Slides are not supported.

If transitions are broken in another version, feel free to change them all to something supported in your version, such as "fade through black."

If slides/animations progress when anything other than a hyperlink is clicked, please use the desktop version of PowerPoint or another version that supports "browsed at a kiosk" navigation.

Have fun!

If you have issues reading the default font, a version that uses an easier to read font is also available.

If you have issues using a mouse, other pointing apparatus, or just can't figure out what you can/cannot click, shift+tab is the shortcut to cycle through any hyperlinks on each slide.


THIEF.pptx 6 MB
Hints.txt 320 bytes
THIEF at Ludicrous Speed.pptx 6 MB
THIEF at Ludicrous Speed (Accessible Font).pptx 6 MB

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